Session Ideas

Most sessions do not require prepared slides and we even encourage you not to use them. We also encourage non-tech sessions and open discussion on a variety of topics. BarCamp is an excellent way to test out your public speaking skills.

Here are some session ideas to inspire:

-Mead Brewing -Let's build a NING website
-Google App Engine -Benefits of Learning Another Language
-Queer Q & A -Play with Yarn and Needles: Crochet and Knitting
-How hard are games really? Deep Mind vs. Starcraft -Don't Screw Up Your Retirement! (Getting started with not working forever)
-Coffee Q & A: Learn to roast and brew from scratch! -Virtual Reality: WebVR
-Discuss Embedded Linux -Poker Theory & Hold 'em Strategy
-Learning How to Teach Anything Properly (and with patience) -How to Maintain a Car
-Green Computing: How to go about using thin clients -Raspberry Pi: the items, the reasons, the possibilities
-Introduction to the study of Martial Arts -USB Microscope
-Hack your Face! Makeup 101 -Awful Interview Stories
-Intro to SELinux -Functional Programming
-Introduction to Lojban: The Logical Language -Improv Games!