We are using the OSU public wifi system. If you're an OSU student, we suggest using OSU Secure and signing in with your ONID. If you're not a student you can use the Visitor network. Make sure you accept the terms and condition.


Are in middle of building, more or less behind the elevator.


We are using the conference rooms as well as the small seminar rooms and the classrooms. Rooms come in three sizes:

Large (1001, 1003, 1005, 1007):
Classrooms. Please reserve for very large gatherings. All have projectors.
Medium (1114, 3114, 2057, 3057)
About 10-20 people.

Even smaller groups (5 or 6 people) can meet in the seats at the end of each hall (2nd or 3rd floor) or in the lounge by the south door or in the atrium. We have a few student volunteers who can help direct you to rooms.


Please put a name as presenter/organizer by your topic. If you plan to do a 25 minute session please use a half of a Post-it and claim half of the spot on the schedule. We are asking that attendees place a sticker (provided at table near the schedule) on the sessions they think they are going to attend so we can get an idea of what size room might be needed. Talks that are scheduled in smaller rooms may be moved into larger rooms in order to accommodate the level of interest, so watch the board. Similarly, we might combine two similar topics into one session, or split a session into two.

Always check the board before going to a session to see if the time or room has changed. You can also check the schedule online here:

General Rules of conduct

Oregon State University has a no alcohol policy for university buildings; it is also a smoke-free campus. General rules of civilization apply: if you are inconsiderate, threatening, overbearing or generally rude, you may be asked to leave.

Floor Plans

Kelley Engineering Center
Kelley Engineering Center