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createrepo and yum-arch ignore environment umask settings

Reported by: whiterocker Assigned to: skvidal
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1. create a directory with g+wst permissions 2. place a bunch of RPMs in that directory 3. run createrepo in the directory

The result is the repodata subdir has the correct GID but does not retain the intended +w writeability.

Rather than change default behaviour, I suggest a new command-line option for createrepo that allows the adoption of group-write permissions from the working directory.

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01/05/11 23:29:10 changed by aayamauchi

  • summary changed from Group-write-sticky permissions ignored to createrepo and yum-arch ignore environment umask settings.

The original bug description was misspecified. The cause of the problem has nothing to do with group setid bits being set -- it's that they ignore my umask. I can verify that createrepo and yum-arch create files and directories with a umask of 022, even though I have a 002 umask set.

I have my repos with 2775 on the directories and 664 on the files so that the content can be maintained by anyone with the right group membership (ie. so root access is never needed). I *always* work with a umask of 002 in environments which are properly group-permed. createrepo and yum-arch ignoring my umask of 002 and using 022 is highly, highly annoying when trying to group-manage repos and has to be considered a bug.

08/19/11 14:49:52 changed by archie

See also same bug reported at openSUSE here:


This bug has been analyzed and marked resolved so the fix is available.