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Ursolic acid for maintaining good health

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Ursolic acid has been recently discovered as a compound which will be immensely beneficial for the treatment of various diseases in humans and for maintaining their good health. This is a common component in apple peels and is one of the reasons for the shiny and red color of the fruit. This acid has led to generating multiple theories and scientific interest as they have been found to affecting the molecular pathways and prevents muscle loss, weakness, help in losing weight and also getting relief from a number of chronic diseases. Known also as urson, prunol, malol and micromerol, this compound is found abundantly in a number of medicinal herbs, vegetarian foods and other plants like rosemary or basil.

Preserves muscle mass

Ursolic acid has anti catabolic activities. This is a recent discovery on the part of the researchers who have been doing intense research on this subject. They took a situation like fasting and tried to understand the effect of the gene activity on the muscles. It was deduced in the clinical research that fasting led to the alteration of the gene expression in many genes of both humans and mice. A comparison was done in the changes in the gene expression to the changes noted in fibers of the muscles which were got in contact to a broad range of molecules which are bioactive. After conducting a test on the bioactive molecules, it was found that ursolic acid has a great impact on the gene expression pattern and led to the counteracting of the fasting activity. When the ursolic acid was given to mice who were fasting, it was found that it provided protection against muscle atrophy. When the food of mice, who were not fasting, was mixed with ursolic acid, it was observed that the muscles in their body developed.

Bone and joint health

The bones and joints of women especially get weakened due to the lack of calcium. As they age, the calcium quantity in their body decreases and this leads to a weakening of the bones in their body. As a result many women become a victim of joint problems due to reduced bone mass. Even many men are also victims of this joint problem due to the reduced amount of calcium in their body and the reduction of the body mass. Consumption of ursolic acid has been found to be very effective in the treatment of joint and bone problems. They help in the enhancing of the bone mass and help in improving the bone structure. Anabolic effects take place on the skeleton of the individual due to ursolic acid and it helps in the stimulation of bone mineralization, osteoblast differentiation and help in enhancing fresh bone creation. It also helps people with arthritis and does not cause gastric problems, which is often the case with ibuprofen treatments. Therefore ursolic acid is extremely beneficial for your health and can help you to maintain a healthy body. One can also collect more information from http://www.labrada.com/store/ursolic-acid.html and which is proving to be the best website in the present time.