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Fix deprecation warnings

Reported by: awillis Assigned to: skvidal
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The file dumpMetadata.py complains of deprecation of the sha and md5 modules, along with a filename warning. This patch works for me.


createrepo-hashlib.patch (1.4 kB) - added by awillis on 12/07/10 02:07:33.
Patch to quiet deprecation warnings

Change History

12/07/10 02:07:33 changed by awillis

  • attachment createrepo-hashlib.patch added.

Patch to quiet deprecation warnings

12/07/10 22:20:26 changed by skvidal

what version of createrepo is this?

12/08/10 03:58:31 changed by awillis

This is a patch for 0.4.11

12/15/10 04:08:30 changed by awillis

The md5 and sum hashes created using hashlib in python 2.5+ seem to be incompatible with the md5 and sha modules in python 2.4.x. Applying this patch would break compatibility with yum 3.2.22.