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2collections of softwarenewskvidalenhancementmajor
3createrepo and then mergerepos don't like @ unicode innewskvidaldefectmajor
8createrepo and yum-arch ignore environment umask settingsnewskvidaldefectmajor
9createrepo doesn't properly escape the version number when generating "provides" lists in primary.xmlnewskvidaldefectmajor
13Web Hosting South Africa - Unmanaged Hosting Seversnewskvidaldefectmajor
14Giuseppe Mongiello e il suo successinewskvidaldefectmajor
15Discover the concept of bets: The Mohegan Sun waynewskvidaldefectmajor
16A close look with Exchange Migrationnewskvidaldefectmajor
17A good look at Financial Services through Investment Managementnewskvidaldefectmajor
18Drip Feed Blast - Which are the Advantagesnewskvidaldefectmajor
19Phentramin-d clothes their email list regarding diet pill ratingnewskvidaldefectmajor
20Down sides involving Online Online games just like Diablo 3 Betanewskvidaldefectmajor
21Mw3 Perks: Just what Continues and additionally Whatâ??s Certainly not?newskvidaldefectmajor
22Batman arkham city cheatsnewskvidaldefectmajor
23Employee Time Clock Systems And How it Has an effect on Your Home businessnewskvidaldefectmajor
24Dealing with Attendance Tracking Strategy Nightmaresnewskvidaldefectmajor
25You ought to have an important baby range to observe the fitness of the particular babynewskvidaldefectmajor
26You should have a new baby level to observe the health of the babynewskvidaldefectmajor
27Digital Scales as a possible Choice for Ideal Dimensionnewskvidaldefectmajor
28Beneficial of Real hcg and Oral drops on your bodynewskvidaldefectmajor
29Look for a Basement waterproofing Professionalnewskvidaldefectmajor
30Vancouver Home Renovations the right choice prior to re-selling of the homenewskvidaldefectmajor
31Use free forums and then free chat rooms to meet new customers!newskvidaldefectmajor
32Absolutely free Chat Rooms Produce the Best Answer to Boredomnewskvidaldefectmajor
33Know A lot more About The Hair Extension Practicenewskvidaldefectmajor
34What to Look and feel For When Choosing Your High end Watchesnewskvidaldefectmajor
35Security and Environmental Factors with Wood Burning Stovesnewskvidaldefectmajor
36Applied Furnishings is wonderful for any Business enterprisenewskvidaldefectmajor
37Social Media and the Introduction of the Google Plus Undertakingnewskvidaldefectmajor
38The best Gains That you may Enjoy With Online Payday Loansnewskvidaldefectmajor
39Awesome Benefits with Absolutely free Life Insurance Quotesnewskvidaldefectmajor
40Searching For A Work? Job Board Software May Be The Answernewskvidaldefectmajor
41Some Things You Should Know About They would-1B Visasnewskvidaldefectmajor
42Ways to find jobsnewskvidaldefectmajor
43Payday Loans- Just how Organizations Set up Trust By way of Online Payday Loansnewskvidaldefectmajor
44Payday Loans- Just how Firms Identify Trust Through Online Payday Loansnewskvidaldefectmajor
45Cheap car insurance-remedies to your problemnewskvidaldefectmajor
46Cheap car insurance-alternatives to your troublenewskvidaldefectmajor
47Water Softener Systems - How to pick the Best Softener Systemnewskvidaldefectmajor
48Car Insurance Quotes Informationnewskvidaldefectmajor
49Water Softener Systems - How to pick the top Softener Systemnewskvidaldefectmajor
50Car Insurance Quotes Informationnewskvidaldefectmajor
51The notification for that internet people looking for worknewskvidaldefectmajor
61Can’t handle stress very well? Maybe Xanax can helpnewskvidaldefectmajor
71Phosphate Water softeners- Filtering the great and the Undesirablenewskvidaldefectmajor
78Electronic Cigarette - Best Method to Smoke in Public Placesnewskvidaldefectmajor
79How can you Get Your ex zurueck :newskvidaldefectmajor
92Action Points for Bloodborne Pathogen Security Problemsnewskvidaldefectmajor
93Who's The Leader in the Illuminati?newskvidaldefectmajormilestone1
96Sudden nerve deafness, or sensorineural hearing lossnewskvidaldefectmajor
97Watch NFL 2012 Live Games - P2P HD Quality Online Streamnewskvidaldefectmajor
98Why will not God heal amputeesnewskvidaldefectmajormilestone1
99The way to Make Your Ex Miss Younewskvidaldefectmajormilestone1
106All HIV Optimistic People are At Danger For CNS Infectionsnewskvidaldefectmajor
109The Usa has produced significant progress towards ensuringnewskvidaldefectmajor
111The best way to Hypnotise A person Applying Conversational Hypnosisnewskvidaldefectmajor
113Healthier Fat Reduction In Several Ideasnewskvidaldefectmajor
114Balanced Fat reduction In A number of Suggestionsnewskvidaldefectmajor
115Healthier Fat Reduction and Fitness Exercise for that Nutritious BMInewskvidaldefectmajor
116Have Locks You may Appreciate With These Hair Care Tipsnewskvidaldefectmajor
117Hair Loss: All-natural Solutions To Combat Itnewskvidaldefectmajor
118Hair Loss Tips to Assist you Hold On For your Hairnewskvidaldefectmajor
119An inexpensive and Far Less Dangerous Approach to Slow Down the Growth of your Hairnewskvidaldefectmajor
120Good Ideas For Folks Who Are afflicted by Allergiesnewskvidaldefectmajor
121Attributes of Substitute CT Tubesnewskvidaldefectmajor
122Discovering Good results With your Fitness Schedulenewskvidaldefectmajor
124How you can Get The entire Family members To Consume Far betternewskvidaldefectmajor
134There is no doubt that some kids are a great deal much more nervous than other individualsnewskvidaldefectmajor
137reaterepo not generate deltarpm in case of updatenewskvidaldefectmajor
138Euromillions Lotto – The Ultimate Solution Of Make Moneynewskvidaldefectmajor
139Dehumidifiers are appliances that help maintain and regulate the humidity levels in a closed space. They remove the excess water vapors from the air bringing down the moisture content in itnewskvidaldefectmajor
140A new face of legendary Daredevil series: Daredevil Slot Gamesnewskvidaldefectmajor
141Loads of money with the high price cardsnewskvidaldefectmajor
142Beautiful graphics and super dramatic music make it no less than realnewskvidaldefectmajor
144Know Everything About Term Life Insurancenewskvidaldefectmajor
145A General Review on RTG Casino, the Best Online Casino Destinationnewskvidaldefectmajor
146Any Online Videos Can Be Downloaded Using Website Like Videodownloadx.Comnewskvidaldefectmajor
147Enjoying the thrill of online casino gaming sitesnewskvidaldefectmajor
148Knowing GERD Symptomsnewskvidaldefectmajor
149Why Toddlers Love Repetition?newskvidaldefectmajor
151Complications of wound dehiscencenewskvidaldefectmajor
152Stopover Here To Know More About Aladdins Gold Casinonewskvidaldefectmajor
153Which Is The Best Online Casino That Offers Bonuses?newskvidaldefectmajor
154The Eat Stop Eat Benefits to All People with Fatnewskvidaldefectmajor
155How Does Any Fat Loss Programs Worksnewskvidaldefectmajor
156Useful Tips To Find Reliable Personal Emergency Servicesnewskvidaldefectmajor
157What Are The Business Benefits Of Mobile Tracking Solutions?newskvidaldefectmajor
158Looking For Short Term Van Contract Hire For The Use Of Your Small Businessnewskvidaldefectmajor
1A bug in createreponewskvidaldefectminor
11Fix deprecation warningsnewskvidaldefectminor
52Electronic cigarette free trial- a contemporary system of smoking cigarettes:newskvidaldefectminor
53Leather Laptop Bag are available for almost all:newskvidaldefectminor
54Disposable e cigarettes would be the finest in industry:newskvidaldefectminor
55Superb Credit score - critical for a lot of motives:newskvidaldefectminor
56How to get ripped - To steer a wholesome lifestylenewskvidaldefectminor
57Vehicle reviews - Those that would rather holidaynewskvidaldefectminor
58E-CIGARETTES ( blank ) A better Change For you to Typical Pipes:newskvidaldefectminor
59Diet Solution for Bad Wellbeingnewskvidaldefectminor
60Diet solution software - Greatest eating plan system for you personallynewskvidaldefectminor
62Approaches a purchaser can find fat burning furnace scamnewskvidaldefectminor
63Comparison concerning Typical Heating Units and flächenheizungnewskvidaldefectminor
64Paid on-line surveys - The ideal on-line surveysnewskvidaldefectminor
65Position of compact business enterprise finance in enterprises:newskvidaldefectminor
66The top Magic to receive Six Pack Abs -- Truth about Absnewskvidaldefectminor
67Paid surveys - The obvious way to get paid outnewskvidaldefectminor
68Financial loans in opposition to House or simply assets security * Mortgage Loannewskvidaldefectminor
69Bankruptcy- Totally free from debit slaverynewskvidaldefectminor
70Life insurance ideas and its connected information:newskvidaldefectminor
72Weight Loss Supplements Sorts and Functionsnewskvidaldefectminor
73Colon Cleanse - Powerful Utilization and Approachesnewskvidaldefectminor
74Working with Paid Surveys to gratify your needsnewskvidaldefectminor
75Why in case you go for handy orten ohne registrierung software package?newskvidaldefectminor
76On the net Motion pictures - Delivers in Joy and Funnewskvidaldefectminor
77Purchase Laptop Bags at Cheap Costs On the netnewskvidaldefectminor
80bremsenreiniger : A Reviewnewskvidaldefectminor
81Comprehending the necessity which entitles the usage of the Flotrolnewskvidaldefectminor
82Likely for your best wrinkle creams for your personal pores and skinnewskvidaldefectminor
83Effects on Insurance plan of the DUI Sufferernewskvidaldefectminor
84How to go about selecting the most appropriate kayak for fishingnewskvidaldefectminor
85Heading for nitric oxide supplements to enhance your systemnewskvidaldefectminor
86Selecting a Acceptable Augen Lasern Techniquenewskvidaldefectminor
87Electric Cigarette - An excellent More healthy Choice And Next Using tobacco Devicenewskvidaldefectminor
88Making certain that you select dropping excess fatnewskvidaldefectminor
89The rationale as to why persons go for paid surveysnewskvidaldefectminor
90What occurs for being the advantages of chemical cleansing ?newskvidaldefectminor
91Combating Back again Numerous Wellness Problems with 1 Critical All-natural Foodstuff Can be done Nownewskvidaldefectminor
94Attempt to Score An excellent Job By Spreading Standpoint In Surveys And Obtaining Compensatednewskvidaldefectminor
95Earning funds become as well easy with lesser amount of attemptsnewskvidaldefectminor
102A pickup to help an individual with all your transportation troublesnewskvidaldefectminor
103Assure Secure Car REVERSING Together with the Enable OF Backside Monitoringnewskvidaldefectminor
104Normal source to the needed protein usage and excellent diet regimenewskvidaldefectminor
105Increase you training regime with brand-new dietary health supplements that worknewskvidaldefectminor
107Fact which you must have to consider during cleaning of colonnewskvidaldefectminor
108Role of network providers in tracking of mobilesnewskvidaldefectminor The Ultimate Stop Of Best Insurance Dealsnewskvidaldefectminor
112Discuss The Ultimate Fact Of Raspberry Ketonesnewskvidaldefectminor
123Get An Attractive Physique Just By Using The Xtreme Nonewskvidaldefectminor
125Why Should You Use The Infrared Heaters In Your Home?newskvidaldefectminor
126Accomplishment of a fitter head in a very fitter system inside of a fitter entire worldnewskvidaldefectminor
127Get Your Ex Back With This Master Plannewskvidaldefectminor
128Avail leptiburn formulae to reduce fat in much lesser timenewskvidaldefectminor
129What Are The Precautions To Be Taken To Get Back My Exnewskvidaldefectminor
130The ideal weight loss concepts for nutritious livingnewskvidaldefectminor
131Ursolic acid for maintaining good healthnewskvidaldefectminor
132Which Are The Top Fat Burning Foods That Helps To Reduce Fat Quicklynewskvidaldefectminor
133How one can say the water is safe with chemical cleaningnewskvidaldefectminor
135How And Why Roof mounted DVD players Are Evolving Into Entertainment Systemsnewskvidaldefectminor
136Why you should go for only natural remedies in case of sickness of lovenewskvidaldefectminor
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